Patient centricity and diversity.  How to design for both in a world of complex clinical trials.

Featuring:  Scott Chetham, PhD, CEO, Faro Health Inc, Todd Georgieff, Digital Protocol Consultant and Angie Maurer, Vice President of Product, Faro Health Inc.

Abstract: Patient diversity and representation in clinical trials has become a priority for stakeholders across the industry and for regulatory authorities around the world. There are many challenges in the recruitment and retention of under-represented populations in clinical trials. How can the research community address the root causes for lack of diversity, even at the study design concept stage? With the right strategy, an ongoing commitment to ensuring representation, and a collaborative effort between the sponsor, the CRO and investigative sites, representative diversity in trial populations can be achieved. The key to achieving diversity in clinical trial participation is to understand the drivers of diversity in the design of your trial. Join the featured speakers as they discuss some of the factors underpinning the lack of patient diversity in clinical trials, investigate the implications this has for patients, and discuss what we can do to design more patient-centric and diverse clinical trials.

What You Will Learn:

  • Developing patient-centric trial designs and protocols proactively vs. reactively
  • How a patient-centric study design offers numerous advantages, such as faster recruitment, better retention and greater diversity
  • Analyze real-time data that show the impact of the patient burden; enabling the identification of areas of potential decentralization to ultimately improve attrition rates
  • Describe actions that can be taken across the research ecosystem, including protocol design and use of technology

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