Clinical Development for the Digital Age

Faro is a software platform that orchestrates complex clinical development with a single source of truth. It brings words, data and teams together on one flexible surface empowering teams to focus on centricity while balancing the complexity of protocol design.
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Faro’s mission is to improve lives, by helping study teams answer complex questions, simply, efficiently and effectively.


Faro empowers teams by balancing the inherent problems of designing trials enabling them to think proactively, creating a systematic approach to protocol design to help reduce operational cycle time.


Prepare for digital data flow; let Faro bring all of your words and data into one flexible surface. Faro eliminates bouncing between piles of documents, spreadsheets, and niche workflow apps to get things done.


Designed with a patient-first mission, Faro provides real-time insights into the patient journey and associated site burden.

A world where researchers can design and implement complex clinical trials in less time. 

Faro is a digital clinical protocol development platform that helps teams understand in real time the impact of their decisions. See how you can reduce your patient and site burden.

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