Faro Health Inc. recognized as winner of DPHARM Idol Disrupt at the 13th annual DPHARM: Disruptive Innovations to Modernize Clinical Research 2023 event

DPHARM Idol Disrupt is a series of disruptive technology presentations from up and coming organizations before a distinguished panel of judges, composed of R&D executives, patient advocates, and life science investors. The DPHARM Idol Disrupt event showcased pioneering advancements in clinical research, with Faro Health’s CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Chetham, PhD, introducing their revolutionary digital clinical protocol development platform.

As part of the results announcement during the session, Faro Health was praised as being part of a patient-centric solution, succinctly stated as “Any thing and any process and any platform that can look at reducing or making company folk aware of the burden on a patient and the work required to carry out a clinical trial definitely gets our vote.” Further, the moderator, Mark Travers, PhD, MBA, VP, Head of GCTO, Regions and Regional Operations at Merck stated the following before unveiling Faro Health as the overall winner: “The Company that is the DPharm Idol Winner in 2023 provides us with a platform by which we are able to make complex clinical trials a little bit easier and offers us in the Pharma and CRO industry a number of scenarios that will be presentable to clinical teams that achieves their aims, but again reduces the burden on the patient and on the investigational staff.”

The Faro Health Study Designer delivers dynamic, real-time insights to clinical development teams, assisting them in handling the complexities of clinical trial protocols design and enhancing decision-making. Through a unified software platform, clinical scientists, clinical operations, and other sponsors in clinical development can seamlessly collaborate and immediately grasp the implications of their choices on patients, sites, and operational realities, all in real-time.

Judges praised Faro Health’s use of comprehensive real-world data, with Bert Hartog, PhD, MSc, Senior Director at Janssen Clinical Innovation, stating, “Faro Health uses comprehensive real-world data to optimize protocol development and feasibility of execution.” This data-driven approach positions Faro Health as a trailblazer in the clinical research landscape.

The Faro Health Study Designer empowers teams to construct and compare multiple study designs in order to strike a balance between scientific complexity and patient centricity. Cycle times see improvement with real-time feasibility insights into patient burden, site burden, cost implications, as well as study complexity.

The platform also provides helpful alerts during the protocol design stage, highlighting avoidable protocol amendments, such as blood volume limits and patient visit duration. Moreover, the Faro Health Study Designer assists teams in identifying areas for decentralized activities or offering a hybrid design option for select study activities, enhancing inclusivity and decreasing patient attrition within a clinical trial.

Studies created using Faro Health’s Study Designer ensure the thoughtful utilization of the expertise of clinical development professionals, while ensuring that the protocol design effectively addresses key scientific questions with the least burden on patients, sites, regulators, and payers.

Faro Health is a Clinical Development Solutions Company dedicated to transforming the landscape of clinical research. By leveraging real-world data, innovation, and a commitment to patient-centric trials, Faro Health aims to simplify the complexity of protocol design.

To discover more about Faro Health Inc., connect with them directly at Sales@farohealth.com.